dec 12, 2014

piece-o-day ‘atomic dance camp’

a little tune in honor and appreciation of friends – past present and future – who come over to practice and jam in the ‘star room’. namaste.


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dec 11, 2014

fresh musical musings on what i’ve been musing about today. the first piece is sound tracky-art-ish and it’s called ‘tulu’. the 2’nd is a keyboard improv called ‘dead or alive?’.


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dec 10, 2014

piece-o-day ‘(shut your) trap’ (solo percussion, 2 1/2 min)

fwiw i seem to be inspired to productivity this month (so far) here’s another bandcamp e-cd single – improvised with keyboards and loop. not sure how i’d describe it … other than ‘in the moment’.


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dec 8, 2014

today’s piece-o-day is a little original jewish music tune which i’m calling ‘quasi’s nigun’ (a nigun is a traditional style jewish tune).

there’s also a new gHOST project e-cd – ‘the geometric’

so how’d this happen?

last week stacey and i were going to start working on the follow-up to ‘i cons’ ( but i was sort of …. not feeling into it. so we decided to postpone to this week – but on the way over here she ran into dennis and jason so in typical gHOST project manner a sesh materialized pretty much out of nowhere.

the last track on the e-cd is a short live performance recorded a little over 2 years ago with nearly the same personnel (w in, stacey out) – a previous occasion where jason and dennis became ‘instant band’ (asked them 10 min before we got on stage).

it is (to me) an interesting e-cd which has lots of stylistic variety – going from free jazz to pseudo-ethnic to jefferson airplane like ‘hippie jam’ music with dual lead vocals – dennis of course having his own group electric medicine as well as being in several other bands and projects – to ‘crunch rock’, as well as incorporating the live looper experiments of ‘i cons’.


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dec 7, 2014

some things i’ve put into the world lately –
the ‘disco trucker overload’ e-cd single-

the ‘disco’ here is coming directly off my roland juno-di, so one might say whoever wrote those patches (which are almost tunes in and of themselves) is a ghost co-composer.

and also this beefheart cover

not an attempt to actually duplicate what ‘beefheart’ did, some riffs are from the instrumental ‘dirty blue gene’ which was from very early in his career (riffs later became another song called ‘witch doctor life’ which was on his final record), one riff at the end is (taken off) from an early vocal version (from ‘spotlight kid’ outtakes), some riffs are original.

what else is happening these days? getting around a little and going to interesting shows (good one last night at ess with olivia block and tomeka reid and some films). other than that, not much.


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nov 27, 2014

for today –

‘a feeling’ ambient soundie abstraction

and also a solo drum kit residents cover.

once again – you can hire zelwel dot com to play at your bar or bar mitzvah – zelwel at hotmail dot com.


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nov 25, 2014

new e-cd ‘november’ which compiles several improvised pieces from the last week.

3 dollar download.


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nov 19, 2014

‘hamaavir banav’

this is a take on some of the cantorial music my dad used to play in the house when i was a little kid. playing this tune (which is not an actual piece of nusach – but a take-off on one) i noticed a similarity with ambient music – such as music for airports 1/1.

‘quasimodal in the cave of sleeping’

this is a mashup of some original work.

had fun at limmud this year with the shiviti drum circle – what does a small but enthusiastic jewish drum circle sound like in the milan room of the doubletree hotel? here’s an excerpt (‘ki imcha’).

the program this year itself was great (and i’m not just saying that ’cause i was ‘on the committee’ … ) – a particularly telling moment for me was hearing neshama carlebach’s story first hand.

oh and by the way – have i mentioned ‘i cons’ …. the new gHOST project ep (from stacey and me)?


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nov 14, 2014

piece-o-day ‘the android’

i’ve been on a sci-fi kick lately – was going to cover hawkwind’s ‘brainstorm’ but this is what came out instead.

also from the other day – ‘haunted house’

so this weekend is limmud chicago. it’s been a pleasure working with the conference this year (since before there WAS a conference) if you’ve been reading this blog and you’re there come say hello. i will be presenting on naftule brandwein at 9 am and also (hopefully) drumming with the shivti drum circle at 4.

a word about the presentation – there will be a little talking and a lot of music. we’ll be examining the context of 1920s klezmer, analyzing one piece (heyser bulgar) … but not too too carefully … and (mostly) listening to some old records.


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nov 11, 2014

piece-o-day ‘last rose’ (keys improv, 4 1/4 min)


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