aug 26, 2015

yes i know i haven’t posted here in a while. in the interim i did let one piece slip out to soundcloud – this – which is a fairly ‘serious’ long loop improvisation.

for today here’s a traditional tune – ‘cuando el rey nimrod’ used as a springboard for a little bit of improv (solo keys).



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aug 5, 2015

3 tracks of aleatory / improvised stuff recorded today.

been an exhausting week – we (mi yodea) had a fine time playing a show with the david rosenberg trio and the lev tzion group sat night (no recording though so i guess you had to be there). then all hell broke loose around here on sunday – microburst, like a tornado, never seen anything like it- still catching our breaths.

DSCN0629 DSCN0635 DSCN0639

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jul 27, 2015

‘bashing crashing thrashing’ a short piece dedicated to road construction. gear – casio sk-1 + amp.

upcoming show news (chicago)-


mi yodea is getting ready for this. we’re opening the evening promptly at 10 so please be on time if you want to catch our (short but sweet) set. here we are ‘working out’ on a new tune for us ‘ki va moed’ by shlomo carlebach.

please come on down and help support the young israel of west rogers park melaveh malkah series – where even a meshugga like me can be one of the bookers. (speaking of which – if you have a jewish music band that can play to orthodox halachic standards and want a gig opportunity in chicago – or even if you just want to (inter-)network – then please feel free to contact me – zelwel at hotmail dot com).

this photo? seems to be the ‘summer of the butterly’ in chicago.


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jul 20, 2015

‘broken parts, no replacements’ (e-keys improv)

aging. bleh. (of course doing much better than some good friends that didn’t make it this far ….)

it’s sad that as your mind is (hopefully) getting wiser your body is falling apart.

been having a lot of trouble lately with dogma and dogmatic thinking – much more interested in personal feeling and personal experience. faith is a 1 on 1 and not what it tells me it is in a book, imo.

given the path i’ve been on most my life (& continue to stick to) i’m well aware of how radical my thinking has become.

and yet you know what makes me happy? when i see a thriving community – even if i don’t agree on all the details all the time regarding what others think i should believe – as a thinking human being …. can’t help that.

i think when i started down the artist path, past my ‘rebirth day’ (5/24/09) and into the unknown, i opened myself up to the world in a way that disallowed me to stay in the same place. i’m still not sure whether that was a good thing or not – but that kitty is out of the bag and there is no stuffing it back in any more.

fwiw. everything fwiw.

lastly wisdom from carla bley (dear carla – i love this and if you ever see this blog post at some point (or even if i’m just a little butterfly flapping its wings in siam)- thanks!)


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jul 13, 2015

‘untitled’ (keys improv – just something ‘in the moment’ from this morning)

i’m starting to take a serious look at (jewish) orthodoxy from the outside in. so the nature of this blog may be changing soon – to less about the zelwel dot com projects (which are still stumbling along …. and probably will continue to do so until the day i die) and more about theology and philosophy and hopes for inclusiveness and the ending of smiting, biting, and fighting.

indeed – the stuff i’ve seen in the music world is only a reflection of what’s happening in the world at large.

personally i have very little interest in self promotion and shouting ME ME ME from the mountaintops, so to anyone that has stumbled over to here – greetings and thanks for paying at least that much attention, so far. to those of you that have the soul to be kind … thanks … the world is a better place because of you. to those that don’t … fwiw* we’re davening (praying) for you (and for ourselves – to not react to you).

really all i want is for people to be nice. which (i admit) starts at home. so i’m just going to try a little bit harder.

* – fwiw. everything fwiw.



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jul 12, 2015

‘shnirele perele’ (solo keys, trad tune – but if wasn’t for lorin and the klezmatics i’d never have heard this.)

personally i don’t believe in an external messiah riding in on a white donkey. i believe redemption is within each individual (you are your own messiah). if a religious symbol is easier to handle for some (many) people …. then so be it. but i think the road leads …. there.

(boat monk story)
(solo piano version of ‘mi yodea’)

(perc / e-perc sorta-cover of ‘milestones’)



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jun 26, 2015

‘untitled’ theremin solo


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jun 25, 2015

‘ice cold flagon of dragons’ acoustic piano

‘theremin therapy’ theremin & keys, baroque new age

‘auntie youb dance’ theremin, keys, sequences & rhythms, disco, duck.




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jun 23, 2015

‘the lesson’ improv – keys, theremin & looper

& also this theremin solo-

i LOVE this thing.



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jun 19, 2015

‘what does it matter?’ a theremin / keys blues.

also i have this – theremin / keys version of mi yodea piece ‘antiyoub’ –


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