mar 4, 2015

pieces from the last couple days (still using ‘sound system number two’) –

‘el jefe’ -keyboard improv – this is dedicated to the one i call el jefe – the chief – king of the piano players. (and a damn good poet too.)

‘dirty blue gene (instumental)’ this is, of course a captain beefheart (don van vliet cover). there are several versions of this tune which he recorded throughout his career (including several which were never ‘officially released’) – instrumental ones, vocal ones, and also another tune (‘witch doctor’s life’) which was derived from the early instrumental versions. there’s even an early vocal version which connects the vocal and instrumental versions – which on first glance seem to be two different songs. i guess a person can go to youtube now and research this – it’s all out there. anyways my version is abstracted from several of these and then improvised on. i’d covered this previously a few months ago ( and did this re-cover as a test to see if i could remember it. ended up with something entirely different.

happy purim!


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mar 2, 2015

my main sound gear is in the shop now, so this was all done with sound system number two, which is really just 2 amps daisy chained together.

piece-o-day ‘untitled’

and also another new solo e-cd, which is sort of an improvised sonata for sound system number two –


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mar 1, 2015

keys improv -this improv starts with an old riff and goes several places … but after this was recorded i decided my sound system needs to go into the shop (bleh).

also there’s a new little mi yodea e-cd in the world – 7 tunes recorded here last week plus the hakafot medley from the chicago calling fest a couple years ago.

1) fun tashlikh
2) shoshanat yakov
3) new shmaltz waltz
4) bear song
5) hafinjan
6) antiyoub
7) the miserlou medley
8) hakafot
1 – 7 feb 26, 2015
8 live -sep 29, 2013

for booking and / or licensing – zelwel at hotmail dot com.


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feb 24, 2015

solo keys – an improv piece. as with most improv pieces – you never know where it’s going to go until it gets there. this one got playful, hence the title.


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feb 20, 2015

‘my simple blues’
solo keys. i tried to do a simple blues in c – it has a blues chord progression, but not a blues scale. what i ended up with was something that sounds a little bit like ‘blue monk’ (l’havdil).


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feb 19, 2015

been busy – too busy to post much this week. so this is kind of a make-up – with a few recent sound files.

‘she makes me sadder than sad’
piece for un-named peer. i meant what i said.

tech notes : i’m playing 2 instruments together here- bass guitar (with some efx) and keys. the bass is on a stand and i’m hitting the strings with my thumb.

one of the things that kept me busy this week was finishing my solo recording (on a very nice young chang piano! further info … ah … i’ll be blabbing about it soon enough) so these next 2 are run-throughs which i did in preparation for recording earlier in the week –

‘antitoxin (taxim) / antiyoub’
this one is the mi yodea piece ‘antiyoub’ preceded by a short taxim in the double harmonic (i’m sure there’s some maqam that corresponds to this but i don’t have the background to say which).

the 2 pieces which were written specifically while these sessions were happening – ‘forest of lost things’ (which is an improvisational framework – in other words any version of this piece will be different from any other – with a few shared aspects) and ‘impossible mountain’ – a tune which acts as a prelude to the entire endeavour. (earlier versions of these have appeared here already.)

lastly – here’s mi yodea playing ‘frog song’ last week. ‘cos we like it.

for booking or licensing : zelwel at hotmail dot com.


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feb 17, 2015

‘bear song’
genre : tunes. (~3 1/2 min)

tech notes : this is my piece ‘bear song’. it’s not the same silly ‘bear song’ that was done by adeptive radiation (a band i used to be in … god or whomever they believe in bless ‘em wherever they are ….) nor is it a song about a cat we used to own named ‘bear’ (who used to have a pet squirrel and ate holes in our clothing). in fact the meaning of the word bear here is more in the sense of ‘grin and bear it’ a piece about burdens we bear.

structurally i’m trying to make this go from light chords, to semi-improv, to heavier chords at the end – but apparently this piece is still under construction. the version that the band (mi yodea) will end up playing is going to be different than the solo version, which allows for more freedom. ‘bear song’ (not in this form) already had its live debut as part of the gHOST project wzrd halloween performance.


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feb 16, 2015

‘the forest of lost things’
genre : keyboard improv. 2:40

tech notes : i’m about halfway done recording the solo keyboard record i had mentioned last week. this improv is a study related to that. it’s a meditation on the losses which come with aging … not all bad as the loss of illusion is included.

also here’s a bit of the traditional tune ‘shoshanat yakov’ performed by the freshly un-hiatussed mi yodea. it’s getting to be that time of year ….


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feb 12, 2015

genre : science friction. duration : 3:23

tech notes : guitar and voice. a lament. side note : i was thinking about lots of different things when i did this piece – but definitely among them was daevid allen who influences this form of expression – i don’t know what to say about that – so sad that he’ll be leaving us and also aware of what he seeks of us – not to take it in sadness but to take it in celebration of transition. so all i can say is bon voyage daevid and thanks for everything.


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feb 9, 2015

‘climbing impossible mountain’
genre : instrumental pop tune. duration : <2 min.

mi yodea is off of hiatus and is recruiting new members - e-mail me at zelwel at hotmail dot com if you'd like to join the project. we're especially interested in strings and horns but well take anything good - even keyboards (if we found a great keyboard player i'd pick up another instrument). vocals too, please.


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