may 21, 2015

‘hop to it’ improv, acoustic piano

here’s a new song from mi yodea, also done with acoustic piano (‘shir habokrim’ by nuzik & orland –

& more new mi yo – electrical stage piano on this and lot of drumming as well. a medley of
some drumming (mi yodea) / im ninalu (trad) / some more drumming (mi yodea) / atzeret (e kaplan) / heyser bulgar (trad)

and lastly – a preview of my forthcoming solo piano cd (title still tbd) – recorded and mastered by alex inglizian at experimental sound studio, chicago.




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may 15, 2015

‘receiving receding’ spacious melodic keys improv.

it’s been an interesting week. i went to several shows and two of them stand out.

saturday night i saw tim berne’s snakeoil – great concept, writing, bandleading, and great performance by all the musicians. i’d go see these guys again … and again … and also their new ecm cd is ‘record of the year’ for me … so far.

then wednesday night – david boykin’s expanse. i’m used to seeing david mostly behind the drums – but in this band he has a chance to step up to the mic with sax and voice. the writing is up front and in this ensemble too – all the players are excellent and each has a chance to shine – great stuff!

anyways if either of these ensembles (or any other project by either of these guys) comes to your town they are highly recommended, so go see them.


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may 12, 2012

‘three and out’ a short pseudo-folk tune.

here’s a rundown of other web sites and pages that are zelwel dot com related & where you can find some stuff that we’ve done –
youtube –
gHOST project bandcamp –
gHOST stories on pan y rosas discos –
mi yodea bandcamp –
mi yodea website –
solo soundcloud (also some fun re-posts from other users) –
solo bandcamp (also you can find the one trio percussive e-cd here) –
‘henry jams’ bandcamp (a few recordings made at henry mayer’s improv jams) –
for booking and/ or copies of old mi yodea and atomic theory dance band cds (from 2010 – produced by me and mastered by kramer – $12 each plus shipping) write zelwel at hotmail dot com.



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may 8, 2015

‘i got it from jerome’ r. i. p. jerome cooper.


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may 7, 2015

‘junkyard’ a short avant-keys piece – most likely influenced by john zorn’s ‘naked city’ and by cecil taylor.

‘ki va moed’ in honor of lag b’omer, a carlebach cover (with a short taksim like intro). mi yodea has started playing this tune recently too.



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may 5, 2015



tech note : these 2 improvs were supposed to have an ‘ocean’ motif – and the 2’nd one (‘untitled’) was originally going to be called ‘2 dolphins’ in a very cute-sy unicorns farting rainbows sort of a fashion – and then i read up a little bit on dolphin behavior – after which i decided ‘untitled’ was the better choice.


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may 3, 2015


‘mostly ascents’



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apr 28, 2015

‘sleeping dogs’ very in-the-moment keys improv – street work being done outside (circa 1:45) was incorporated into the piece.


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apr 26, 2015

‘al tashlicheinu’
soundtracky keyboard improv.


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apr 25, 2015

piece-o-nite ‘resignation’ (night 22 of the omer if you’re counting). very melodic keyboard improv.


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