feb 19, 2017

2 new tracks – rec 2/18/2017.


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dec 31, 2016

sd5 (suspension drone x sonic furniture, guitar & looper)


resistor. weeks ago, now.

i went in with a setlist and threw it out the window in the middle of the first piece. so the set i ended up playing was not neccessarily the set i intended to play.

on the other hand what i ended up doing was in the moment – yet based on the earlier intents.

so there are 2 versions of this – what was ‘supposed’ to happen and what actually happened. the 2’nd of these has some comments about the pieces that were played on the bandcamp page.

the live set is raw and unedited other than the removal of banter. the intent set is a mastered home recording.

what actually happened (live set recorded 12/10/2016)

what was ‘supposed’ to happen (intent set recorded 12/17/2016)

politics. the world. everything. rough patch.


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nov 30, 2016

i will be playing a solo guitar set as part of a show at resistor chicago (5053 n lincoln) at 9 pm on dec 10 – http://www.resistorchicago.com/events.html.
also playing that night – TCB, bear pit, leopard print.
see you there!


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nov 8, 2016

creating this e-cd was my music therapy for the day. these improvised keyboard tracks (alternating electric keys and piano) were recorded throughout the day, morning through evening, between job hunting, grocery shopping, and watching the endless political nuttiness on the internet.

nov 7, 2016


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sep 15, 2016

new on zelwel bandcamp for sept – ‘3 bits’ – please feel free to download & pay what you like.




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sep 14, 2016

‘sad sad songs’ (gtr & efx improv ~11:11)

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sep 11, 2016

‘simple’ (balaphon and cowbell)
zelwel bandcamp –

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aug 29, 2016

‘sd3’ acoustic piano. this piece is part of a new series of pieces i’m working on which is meant to be independent of instrument used – that is the actual composition is a framework – and the expression is independent of what instrument it’s played on. the sd stands for ‘suspension drone’. the template is roscoe mitchell’s composition ‘tnoona’ (in some sense).

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jul 31, 2016

‘keyboard action’ this is improv done on the electric (yamaha cp-33) which i realized has a different action (harder to play) than the acoustic that’s in the living room.

‘dead or alive?’ acoustic electric guitar w/ efx. soundscape.

4 new tracks from mi yodea recorded here last week. acoustic piano and the natural reverb of our living room. drums (in 3) improvisation – then 3 of my tunes – 82, atzeret, and slide. arrangements (and vocals on 82) by the band (ann, sue & me) – still seeking fiddles and horns.


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jul 8, 2016

piece-o-day ‘piano wash’

also presenting solo electric guitar e-cd #3 – ‘i will never play the ax like max’. leadoff track is intentionally dissonant and microtonal. 2’nd track is ‘smoother’. 3’rd track is a re-take of the first track from the ‘just my lonely guitar’ e-cd from 2013. this was recorded between jun 30 and jul 7, 2016.

booking at zelwel at hotmail dot com. thanks for listening.

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