nov 19, 2014

‘hamaavir banav’

this is a take on some of the cantorial music my dad used to play in the house when i was a little kid. playing this tune (which is not an actual piece of nusach – but a take-off on one) i noticed a similarity with ambient music – such as music for airports 1/1.

‘quasimodal in the cave of sleeping’

this is a mashup of some original work.

had fun at limmud this year with the shiviti drum circle – what does a small but enthusiastic jewish drum circle sound like in the milan room of the doubletree hotel? here’s an excerpt (‘ki imcha’).

the program this year itself was great (and i’m not just saying that ’cause i was ‘on the committee’ … ) – a particularly telling moment for me was hearing neshama carlebach’s story first hand.

oh and by the way – have i mentioned ‘i cons’ …. the new gHOST project ep (from stacey and me)?


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nov 14, 2014

piece-o-day ‘the android’

i’ve been on a sci-fi kick lately – was going to cover hawkwind’s ‘brainstorm’ but this is what came out instead.

also from the other day – ‘haunted house’

so this weekend is limmud chicago. it’s been a pleasure working with the conference this year (since before there WAS a conference) if you’ve been reading this blog and you’re there come say hello. i will be presenting on naftule brandwein at 9 am and also (hopefully) drumming with the shivti drum circle at 4.

a word about the presentation – there will be a little talking and a lot of music. we’ll be examining the context of 1920s klezmer, analyzing one piece (heyser bulgar) … but not too too carefully … and (mostly) listening to some old records.


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nov 11, 2014

piece-o-day ‘last rose’ (keys improv, 4 1/4 min)


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nov 8, 2014

piece-o-nite ‘airlesshead’ (more sci fi ~4 1/2 min)


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nov 6, 2014

pieces-o-day ‘geek chorus’ (sci-fi ~5 1/2 min)

(yes i’ve been having an interesting run of (almost) daily sound diary.)

and also this e-drum/ gtr/ voice medley (there’s not much villa lobos innit) called ‘prince of the chickens’

(a. k. a.  ‘what i would have done if they had asked me to play an 8 min solo set on saturday night live last week’).

DSCN3692 DSCN3695

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nov 5, 2014

piece-o-day ‘you were right and i was wrong’ (sound poetry ~4 min)

(those are magic words around here.)

DSCN3660 DSCN3681

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nov 4, 2014

piece-o-day ‘vechol maaminim’ (keys, 1 min, devout)

DSCN3679 DSCN3682

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nov 3, 2014

piece-o-day ‘antarctica’ (keys ~2 min)

the touchstone here is ralph vaughan williams ‘sinfonia antarctica’.

also one from yesterday – ‘loop zyzyk’ (keys & loop ~7 min)

a looper based re-interpretation of an old composition.

maybe some drummers once played ‘zyzyk’ in lincoln park and echoed it off the rocks.

DSCN3658 DSCN3603

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nov 2, 2014

piece-o-day ‘6 over 4′.

this is a drumkit solo (actually just snare, bass, hi-hat) which is rhythmically related to …

so where would a guy like me grab this rhythm from?


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oct 28, 2014


behar hagilboa (spaghetti western-ish israeli pop tune from mid 70’s – hadar/ naor)

both these pieces (and several others) will be in the gHOST project set which we (sue and me) will be performing at wzrd tursday night. live audience is welcome too, so come on down …. or tune in if you don’t. our set should starting around 8-8:15’ish.

DSCN3595 DSCN3583

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