sep 10, 2014

Market cancelled today on account of rain. I see that due to some word press glitchery you can now download the .mp3 files from this site. if you do please donate $0.99 for each download (if you don’t download feel free to play for free…) – paypal to zelwel at hotmail dot com. thanks!

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sep 7, 2014

piece-o-day ‘major minor’ a short simple exercise in tonality- sounds hebraic/ elegaic (keys, 1 min symphony).

reminder- mi yodea at devon community market on wednesday sep 10. republic bank parking lot on devon and washtenaw. check out organic produce and mi yodea- 2 sets starting at 5:30.

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sep 1, 2014

piece-o-day a sort of spacy and tired reprise of ‘the not quite ju bu re blues’ (keys ~4 min)

why is it spacey and tired? welll… probably because i spent yesterday making this e-cd-

here’s one nice 3 min excerpt from the first track of the e-cd-

i like the ambiguous tonalities i can create with a ring mod…

the whole thing is pretty wild and highly atypical of previous gHOST proj. for one, it’s the first gHOST proj e-cd which is entirely instrumental. also it’s just the trio of charles joseph smith, sue, and me – so you would expect the sound wouldn’t be as full … but… no – it’s probably the loudest wildest thing that gp has out there.

also- i think it’s musically akin to my last solo one- ‘in times of war’ (though much noise-ier).

anyways- gHOST project is winding down (hence the name of the cd and the titles of the tracks). that is to say… i want to move on to doing other things. so i think the show we will be doing on wzrd oct 30 will be the sendoff.

for now. (but never say never….)


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aug 28, 2014

piece-o-day ‘hope and despair’ (keys improv ~2 min)

from the devon community market last week- we will be there again sept 10.

mashiach hazaken (zarai/ ofek)
atzeret (kaplan)
yedid (zweig/ zweig))/ 82 (kaplan)
slide (kaplan)
terkisher bulgar tanz (trad, from the naftule brandwein songbook)

(i’m solo here on keys & bass guitar)
improv/ almost everybody drums/ plankton/ in 6

yankadi (rogers/ kaplan)
new shmaltz waltz (kaplan)
antiyoub (kaplan)
kol rina (trad)/ sloop john b (trad)/ funky interlude (kaplan)/ chosson kallah mazel tov (trad)/ kol rina
cockeyed jenny (???)/ nigun atik (neeman/ kashtan)
im ninalu (trad)

lastly (for now) a few short noise loops.



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aug 18, 2014

piece-o-day ‘dear gatekeeper’ (keys improv ~2 1/2 min)
‘if the gates of princes be locked the gates of heaven are not locked’ (shabazi)

..and some more mi yodea- to preview our upcoming performance wednesday evening at the devon community market on devon and washtenaw, chicago, from 5-7.

‘new shmaltz waltz’ followed by ‘the kol rina medley’ (kol rina/ sloop john b/ ‘funky interlude’/ chosson kallah mazel tov/ kol rina)


mi yodea is me, sue, and ann.



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aug 13, 2014

today’s piece ‘ruff encounters on the oy vey way’

some previews of the upcoming mi yodea performance (8/20 one week from tonight @ devon community market)

frog song (kaplan)

cockeyed jenny/ hora atik (trad/ neeman & kashtan)

hafinjan (trad/ wilensky)



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aug 11, 2014

from today- ‘raul sunshine’ (keys, ~4 min)

i was originally going to call this ‘mr sunshine’ … but that sounded too much like a rip/ riff on annette peacock’s ‘mr joy’- which this is nothing like… so i decided to give mr sunshine a first name.

from yesterday- ‘space invaders’ (etc ~4 min)

PHONE FIRST! (this is one of the reasons why we have dogs….)

& from last week, a few done w/ keys, voice & efx-
‘spontaneous song’ (an improv ~4 1/4 min)

‘words’ (another version of the song i wrote for atomic theory dance band ~2 1/2 min)

upcoming: mi yodea at devon community market (republic bank parking lot devon and washtenaw, chicago) on 8/20 and 9/10. we’ll be playing two sets each evening- from approximately 5-7. a great place to buy some veggies, have a falafel, and check us out….



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aug 7, 2014

yesterday and today (both short keyboard improvs).

yesterday ‘on the morning after the war’

today ‘fate in a ticked off mood’





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aug 4, 2014

2 reactions.
‘the impossible dream of there ever being peace’ (keys 2 min)

‘america roads’ (gtr, keys, loops 5 1/2 min)
(note- this is a version of a tune i wrote in 1984- after returning from a few years overseas.)

my feelings have been complex as of late- and this is the best way i know how to express them, perhaps find some resonance somewhere, and be heard/ felt.

hoping for more cheerful times ahead- its been quite the season.



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july 24, 2014

(maybe this continues the e-cd….  ‘in times of war’)
‘improv’ done on drums and e-drums. (drums, e-drums, efx ~4 min)

i guess i fall into this ‘crazy solo drummers club’ of weird noise drummers. some of the more famous drummers in this club have names like hayward, yoshida, even walter. i’m not in their league- shit i’d barely make cabin boy. but every so often i get into this sort of thing- what i like about this piece is the crying sounds near the end (ring mod) – it was pretty much what i was feeling.

‘dance of the charismatic narcissists’ (keys. an improvised tune ~ 2 min)

there’s always some of these insects around but war brings them out like a honey drenched venus fly strip. who can believe that they are all right…. when they are all wrong? what a circus!

‘enough’ (keys. another improvised tune. ~2 1/2 min)

enough of this, enough of that. there’s still too much pain in the world… and i still have my tension headache.

lastly ‘atzeret/ nigun’ (keys ~12 min)
free-er versions of some new tunes i’m working on. just letting the keyboard wash the pain away- for a short while.

next week contains rosh chodesh av- beginning of the 9 days (jewish morning period from 1 – 9 av). please purge all sinat chinam (free hatred) from your hearts – whether it’s aimed at your own people- who are your brothers- or whether it’s aimed at someone else’s. it would make the world a better place.




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