dec 31, 2016

sd5 (suspension drone x sonic furniture, guitar & looper)


resistor. weeks ago, now.

i went in with a setlist and threw it out the window in the middle of the first piece. so the set i ended up playing was not neccessarily the set i intended to play.

on the other hand what i ended up doing was in the moment – yet based on the earlier intents.

so there are 2 versions of this – what was ‘supposed’ to happen and what actually happened. the 2’nd of these has some comments about the pieces that were played on the bandcamp page.

the live set is raw and unedited other than the removal of banter. the intent set is a mastered home recording.

what actually happened (live set recorded 12/10/2016)

what was ‘supposed’ to happen (intent set recorded 12/17/2016)

politics. the world. everything. rough patch.


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