jun 27, 2017

new e-cd – wtfu which stands for ‘what’s the f*cking use’ – a phrase which lately i find myself saying several times a day. i’m actually quite proud of this one & i think it’s the best one on the zelwel bandcamp since ‘brucolac’. the idea here was to build each piece (all renditions of the ‘wtfu’ framework) from loops made by …. well ….. a 12 note balaphon and a bird whistle which i got many years ago when i had a little bit of credit at ‘lark in the morning’. in the making of this i had the idea of also playing these instruments through a voice box which resulted in many of the strange sounds you hear on wtfu2. i’m not having a great time with mastering these days (old software died with old computer and i’m using audacity now) so you may want to really turn it up in order to hear it. i thought chopsticks and balaphon would go together well – so i started with that before diving into the denser material.
wtfu is a framework written for balaphon, bird whistle, looper, and either electric guitar or electric bass. there are 3 versions of the piece here with a little bit of added material.
1) chopsticks / wtfu1
2) wtfu2
3) intro / wtfu3 / coda
chopsticks – balaphon
wtfu1 – balaphon, looper, whistle, fender bass
wtfu2 – balaphon, voice box, looper, whistle, telecaster
intro – balaphon
wtfu3 – balaphon, looper, whistle, telecaster, voice
coda – telecaster

june 25-26, 2017


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