jul 4, 2017

‘tira’ a short version of a new framework piece for keys. i’m using acoustic piano here.
so i do one post and it’s like … we’ve gotten our wings. bla bla bla. and then the next one says … wtfu – what’s the f*cking use? one might ask how i reconcile that. the answer is … i don’t have to answer. i’m not here for your amusement. i’m here to try to create some form of personal art and get it out into the world – before the world goes away for me. if you want to be on the same page, fine. if not then get out of here & i won’t waste my time on you. i hope i can produce something that makes all the politics, the obscurity, the people who’ve rubbed me the wrong way (and in the past if some were rubbed back i’m sorry for that too), the loss of a deep form of personal faith, the self doubt, the bearing of loshon hora & bullying, etc, etc, etc, all worth it. if you’re here to judge then you came to the wrong place.
happy independence day.

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