sep 12, 2017

this here is a recording experiment – it’s the guitar piece ‘e and p’ (what used to be called ’emptiness and pageantry’) – an older piece that i’ve already recorded a few times using my zoom – it’s on 2 of my bandcamp cds – ‘lonely guitar’ and ‘ax likes max’ (see what’s different about this is that it was done using daw / computer – which is the first time i’ve actually done that. now this is far from what i want – i’m using an old roland octa-capture with a relatively new windows 10 computer. only one mic seems to be working and there is a sound gate of some sort which is unintended. but unlike the previous recordings you can hear some of the detail in this really simple piece – the buzz and overtones on open strings etc. so i’m working on it – the sound, that is.

this really has been the summer of zero. two aborted attempts to do a show with gHOST project (which i now believe will never happen). would not have played out at all other than one drum circle and one jam. i did get to some shows. here are a few photos of some heros seen playing at chicago jazz fest this year – louis moholo-moholo (4 blokes) and roscoe mitchell (septet).

and i am running out of funds right now. i would love some sort of finance directed collaboration or sponsorship (as well as any booking or decent odd job i can find). i’m not sure how to go about getting these things, or even how to go about asking, so i’m just throwing it out here to the universe, for what it’s worth. if you’d like to help please e-mail me – zelwel at

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