jan 1 , 2018

i put out 5 e-cds this past year should say a little about each of them.

february – carnival cruises
a 2 track single. the first track is keys the 2’nd is guitar. these are about changes in life.

june – wtfu
this is 3 versions of the same piece / framework. it’s my bird whistle / balaphon e-cd. i’ll bet it’s the only bird whistle / balaphon thing anyone put out last year. the ‘chopsticks’ at the beginning was just a silly thing i thought up on the spot.

october – in the dark
hardly an original title but descriptive of a general state of being. keyboards. the center here is the piece ‘stepstone’ which is related to the e-cd of that title that i put out a few years ago. these are improvised pieces and except for ‘stepstone’ they were titled later. and yeah, this is dark – maybe one of the darkest things i’ve put out.

november – shrouded
in mystery or tachrichim – whatever. this one is multi-instrumental and actually more fun that it looks. several improvs recorded one after the other. also it exposes a new methodology which i am calling ‘glob music’. on another level there is reflection here on the unreality of reality. the use of the mask and implied pareidolia of the cover image an implication of what’s to be found within.

december – tsfgb
this is a single 17 min improvised piece on keyboard. i’m thinking of some influential players here and there – craig taborn and paul bley – but it’s mostly a lot of ‘me’ here arguing with an imaginary person over my own worth. in the end maybe they win.
hey this website is coming up for renewal in a few months – don’t be surprised if it disappears. i’m not sure why i’m ‘here’ anymore. some days i just feel like someone’s punching bag. that’s not what i’m living for & to tell the truth i can no longer afford the rent, so to speak. the bandcamps will stay up for as long as there is a free bandcamp. same with soundcloud.

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