sep 24, 2015

piece-o-day ‘buddha slap’ (drums ~2 min). current drum kit setup includes 2 hi-hats.


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sep 22, 2015

piece-o-day ‘private little satan’ (keys improv)

jews don’t believe in a devil with horns, a pitchfork and a tail. but in our tradition there is the satan in the book of job – the accuser, the tale bearer, the guy that tells loshon hora about you to god.

in this new jewish year may we all be free of our own private little satans.

i have 2 little resolutions for me –
1) do not speak loshon hora
2) do not listen to any.

if i can stick to it … would be good thing. if everyone did … would be a better world.


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sep 20, 2015

i decided to add several tracks to this and make an (over an hour long) improvised keys (yamaha stage piano) e-cd out of it and also to make it a free (for now) download (pay what / if you want).

1) headstep
2) first queasy piece
3) second queasy piece
3) third queasy piece
4) soma / reverence
5) d nile crocodile
6) boneyard
7) perigee
8) apogee
9) all these questions

this is my ‘asseret yemei teshuvah’ e-cd – though not explicitly so. it isn’t really jewish music per se – it’s improvised free jazz.

also this ‘untitled’ which is tone poemy/ semi-ambient and involves guitar, looper, and a bit of keys.


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sep 17, 2015

‘boneyard’ – where all the character assassins can go, for all i care. it’s the 10 days of teshuvah and if they kept any of that stuff … as they claim to … you’d think they would have shut up by now.

piece itself is keys improv similar to last e-cd.



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sep 16, 2015

new bandcamp release – solo keys (yamaha cp-33 imitating piano) 3 queasy pieces + one bonus track. improvs.

disco-ey aleatory piece –


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sep 7, 2015

‘headstep’ (back in the atomic theory dance band days) i once sent someone a sample of my work …. and this is what they said (solo keys improv ~14:40).


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sep 6, 2015

‘bass’ solo bass guitar improv ~ 8 min.



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sep 1, 2015

did the ’30 min challenge’ exercise again – this time i end up with 27 1/2 min of fairy straightforward solo keyboard – includes the song ‘the cave of sleeping’ in there somewhere (near the 15 1/2 min mark) but the rest is improvised.




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aug 31, 2015

new ‘practice exercise’ – the 30 min challenge – to be able to play for 30 min ‘off the cuff’ using whatever. the only rule is 30 min unpreplanned. just start the clock and see what comes out.

i’m used to shorter forms. i tried this the last 2 nights. last night i got to 27 min. tonight – 28 1/2. both times entirely different except some revisited material tonight (the song ‘mi yodea’). last night was mostly ‘songs i knew’ tonight was mostly looper based improv.

just for grins – here’s the one from tonight. uses bass guitar, efx, keys, voice (box briefly) and looper. at around the 18 min mark there is a very stretched-out version of the song ‘mi yodea’.





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aug 26, 2015

yes i know i haven’t posted here in a while. in the interim i did let one piece slip out to soundcloud – this – which is a fairly ‘serious’ long loop improvisation.

for today here’s a traditional tune – ‘cuando el rey nimrod’ used as a springboard for a little bit of improv (solo keys).



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