oct 20, 2014

from today – ‘a sonic furniture’ – this one is sort of somber. ~3 1/4 min.

& from yesterday – ‘2 sonic furnitures’ – so there’s 2 here which were done one after the other. these are both nice and sountrack-ey. the first is ‘jaunty’ the 2’nd is ‘serious’. total time ~ 9 1/2 min.

these are keyboard / looper based pieces (also some e-drum, etc) using the ‘sonic furniture’ idea – make something complex enough that you can walk away and let it run for a while – let that loop become like ‘sonic furniture’ in the room.

one time gHOST project did a show using that name (http://ghostproject.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-multikulti-by-sonic-furniture) – but in fact this was a music concept that i once explained to w. i mentioned it in a discussion on the internet, and it got off into the whole topic of generative music, which has now been around for a while

speaking of whom …..

we (gHOST project) have postponed the wzrd appearance on oct 30. i don’t know when it will be rescheduled – or even if it will be called ‘gHOST project’ anymore when it is.

we’ll keep you posted.



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oct 15, 2014

piece-o-day ‘hoshannah rabbah’ (keys, ~3 min, trad adapted)

7’th day of sukkot & a curious day in the orthodox jewish liturgy – 4’th longest service, and on a weekday (that is … not a formal yom tov but chol hamoed). the service has some reflections of neilah – the closing prayer on yom kippur.

i did a piece about it last year too – ‘om ani chomah’ – based around one of the prayers specific to this day (though instrumental).

i’m not usually into liturgical music – but this time of year brings it out of me. my dad immersed me in it (rosenblatt and other cantors, carlebach, etc.) when i was tiny. for the longest time i didn’t give it a whole lot of validity, but now that i’m like… oh… around his age when i was a teenager??? i guess it’s coming back out of my aging pickled brain.



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oct 12, 2014

piece-o-day today – sunday strut. (snare, hi-hat, brushes, guitar, efx ~2 min)

piece-o-day from last weds – ‘exiles’ -a king crimson cover (cross, fripp, wetton, palmer-james). (keys ~ 6 1/2 min)

hopefully the blokes won’t hate me for posting this – being as ‘non-commercial’ a use of the tune (off the classic ‘lark’s tongue in aspic’ from 1973 buy it if you don’t own it ok?) as possible. anyways i DID get to see one of the shows at the vic – and it was mind boggling.


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oct 11, 2014

i decided to add a 2’nd track to the ‘brucolac’ e-cd – ‘adon olamim’ –

(liner notes from e-cd-

the brucolac is a character in ‘the scar’ by china mieville. he’s a political vampire who speaks with forked tongue – literally. he’s ab-dead. he comes from high cromlech. he’s a powerful ally and he will protect you – but he’ll want his gore tax.

someone should write a silly song about him (as opposed to this avant pea-on).

‘adon olamim’ is a takeoff on an original ‘adon olam’ tune (https://zelwel.bandcamp.com/track/adon-olam-eliezer-kaplan) – or actually an improv that incorporates (bits of) that and more.)

the ‘brucolac’ e-cd seems to be (becoming?) ‘just my lonely guitar vol 2′ (i may add more tracks????) it’s still a $1.99 download.

(ref : https://zelwel.bandcamp.com/album/just-my-lonely-guitar)


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oct 6, 2014

new single track bandcamp e-cd – which is simply an 11 1/2 min electric guitar solo. it’s about a character in a book by the wonderful author china mieville.



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oct 3, 2014 (a k a erev yom kippur 9 tishrei, 5775)

‘kreplach days’ (keyboard improv based on trad tune 3 1/4 min)

g’mar v’chatimah tovah (may we all be inscribed in the book of life)-
may this be the year that brings lasting peace and understanding.


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oct 2, 2014

‘you can never tell’ (keys improv 2 1/4 min)

1 min gtr solo-

also a weird little bollywood cover- would you believe this is in freygish/ ahava raba mode?

i had a lovely time listening to and jamming with volcano radar at constellation the other night thank you v radars, julia miller and constellation.

upcoming- limmud chicago- nov 15 and 16 at doubletree hotel in skokie – register here-
presenters will include josh nelson, neshama carlebach, amichai lau-lavie, and rabbi lizzi heydemann. on a personal note – i’ll be giving a talk on naftule brandwein and the shiviti drum circle will be there too.

also upcoming – the gHOST project sendoff – live on wzrd oct 30, 10 pm.



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sep 17, 2014

new solo e-cd. 4 tracks 35 min. $4 download from bandcamp.


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sep 10, 2014

Market cancelled today on account of rain. I see that due to some word press glitchery you can now download the .mp3 files from this site. if you do please donate $0.99 for each download (if you don’t download feel free to play for free…) – paypal to zelwel at hotmail dot com. thanks!

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sep 7, 2014

piece-o-day ‘major minor’ a short simple exercise in tonality- sounds hebraic/ elegaic (keys, 1 min symphony).


reminder- mi yodea at devon community market on wednesday sep 10. republic bank parking lot on devon and washtenaw. check out organic produce and mi yodea- 2 sets starting at 5:30.

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